Pandata provides advanced data solutions to empower companies with data and technological innovation.

Our corporate clients trust us with strategy, solution design and implementation. We follow a holistic approach, covering the entire data stream from sourcing to processing and insight generation, using cutting-edge tools as well as custom solutions. We are a fast growing high performance business, built on a solid and stable foundation. We are ahead of the curve in a rapidly expanding market, which makes this an exciting time to join us. We are looking for people who want to tackle new challenges, take ownership of their work and seize this opportunity to make a personal impact.

As a highly purpose-driven organization, we exempt 10% of our week from work and dedicate it to personal, non-work-related activities, aiming to fulfill our promise of personal development beyond the traditional scope of the classical business objective.

As Junior Data Engineer you will learn to conceptualize and build infrastructure and code to set up state of the art data landscapes and work side by side with Senior Data Engineers on big data projects.


  • Design and create data pipelines
  • Analyze and implement data storage solutions
  • Refine and orchestrate data warehouse systems
  • Develop and write scripts to access external data sources and ensure smooth imports into the database
  • Communicate with clients to understand their situation and needs
  • Perform in-depth analysis of infrastructure performance data


Whilst tooling is tailored to client needs, a frequent selection includes:

  • Data Pipelines: Python
  • Data Infrastructure: PostgreSQL, Google BigQuery
  • Data Transformation: SQL, dbt (data build tool)
  • Others: Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Azure, Airflow and many more

Your Profile

  • First coding knowledge in SQL and/or Python
  • High motivation in deepening coding skills
  • Independent working mentality, proactive attitude, and an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Analytical skills and an affinity for digital business
  • Solid communication skills in English

Why Pandata?

    • Build a great company and grow with us
    • Take responsibility and have an impact from day one
    • Develop yourself personally and professionally in a highly purpose-driven work environment
    • Acquire a highly demanded skill-set and technical prowess by working on projects with various different data set-ups and tech stacks
    • Work with a highly motivated and smart team, in a professional but human-centered environment
    • Profit from intense direct mentorship in your first months
    • Join our frequent team events and weekly get-togethers
    • Profit from our strong company benefit program (Language classes, purpose time and more)

    At Pandata we value smartness and motivation over job posting requirements.